A photo shoot is more than just standing in front of a camera and waiting for the shutter to click.

A session can range from a simple portrait sitting to a full-body fashion shoot with a narrative (editorial), featuring props, costumes, or unique clothing. To achieve great results, a considerable amount of planning is necessary, even if you prefer to improvise.

In general, the more time you spend preparing, the better the outcome will be. Whether you're a professional model or just starting, taking the time to plan your shoot and prepare your wardrobe, props, and location can make a huge difference in the final results.

So don't be afraid to invest time and effort into your photo shoot preparation – it will be well worth it in the end.


shoot&chat is my unique, spontaneous photography style, akin to a candid photowalk through neighborhoods.

So, how do we proceed?


shoot&chat is my unique, spontaneous photography style, akin to a candid photowalk through neighborhoods.

Genre & Style

Before we plan the session in detail, we agree on the genre and style we want to shoot. Based on the genre, the framing plays a vital role and location we shoot.

Each genre and framing needs planning and preparation: this can be anything from a short briefing via phone or WhatsApp or up to a couple of weeks of work with lots of people involved.

A test shoot doesn't need a massive amount of planning. You should know what clothes to bring and the type of make-up if no make-up artist is on set.

On the other side, a fine art glamour shot with lots of props might take weeks, if not months, to plan and prepare, from creating the looks and building the set.

Wardrobe Raid

When it comes to test shots, the overall look is predetermined, but for any other creative session, we'll begin by discussing the general concept of the photo shoot.

After we have established the basic idea, we'll conduct a wardrobe check (also known as a "wardrobe raid"). You'll be on the lookout for key pieces that match the general concept and share some photos.

Don't forget to also consider items that you haven't worn much or haven't worn at all! This could be the perfect opportunity to showcase some cool stuff.

Based on the available wardrobe, we'll create a general style, begin planning, and put together a mood board.

Example for a Wardrobe Raid

Left: key pieces from the model
Middle: a basic idea for this set
Right: final picture


Mood Board

Let's get down to business. If you have a Pinterest account, we'll create a shared Pinterest board where we can collect ideas and inspiration – this is what we call the mood board. Additionally, you can also look for interesting pictures in fashion magazines and take a photo with your phone to upload to the Pinterest board.

The mood board is a compilation of ideas such as lighting, locations, colors, poses, or small details that we like and may want to incorporate into our session. It assists us during the preparation stage as well as during the actual session, allowing us to follow our ideas and work towards the expected outcome.

Time Required

Portrait sessions with up to two hours can be done during the week, typically in the evening. shoot&chats can be anything between one and two hours and happen weekends. A fully featured studio session in fashion, editorial, sports, boudoir or any other genre with a make-up and hair stylist can take between 4 and 6 hours and usually happens on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Depending on the project, the shooting location will be either The Studio in Alcaidesa, Spain, on-location or outdoors.

Behind the Scenes ('bts") / Social Media Pictures

It's very common today to share many aspects of your life on social media. This might include our photo session as-well. However, some rules apply here:
  • Always ask if you are allowed to shoot and post behind the scenes. Sometimes the project requires you NOT to take or share any images from the shoot. Ask first. Usually, your phone should not be out unless I have requested you shoot BTS.
  • If you take any behind-the-scenes images, they must ALWAYS include a behind-the-scenes element like a light stand, photographer, make-up artist brush, etc. NEVER shoot and post anything that is just a shot of the model.
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