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Mood Boards & Pinterest

There are many ways to share ideas across. If you see a picture you like, perhaps it's the mood, the style, the pose or the photo in general: send it to me or add it to a Pinterest board.

A mood board is a collection of images gathered together into collage form. It helps us to define the visual direction of a project. Sometimes you may want to create a physical board from magazines and other print media. But these days, mood boards are usually virtual. I use Pinterest to collect ideas.

Pinterest is an excellent tool for creatives to collaborate on projects and share ideas. Just create a board, invite all collaborators and start collecting ideas.

Start browsing the millions of ideas by searching for a term or simply click on a picture you like, a so-called "pin". Pinterest takes you further by showing similar pins. If you like one, pin it to a board. Easy.

Pinterest is free. Just download the app and start collecting ideas. It's fun, and sometimes it's addictive. But always very inspirational.

Sample Boards

Find below some examples of boards I have created in the past. Some are just ideas, and some projects have been realized:

Charming Vagabound


For some time now I wanted to do a bit of a gentlemen-style photo shoot. Jordan, who was going to be the model for this shoot, immediately bought into this idea, and we created a fantastic series called "Charming Vagabond".

This Pinterest board was created over months and is organised in theme, styles, poses, details and mood sections. This helped us fine-tune our approach and to get the desired result.

Some final pictures from the series:


Home Story


This is an example of a more detailed planned home story, an on-location editorial style session. We collected ideas for each room of the apartment and then shot away.

Some final pictures from the series:


Camper Beach


A classic camper van was on sale in one of my local Facebook groups. I asked the owner if he would be so nice and could join a beach and surf-style photoshoot. He happily agreed, so we started collecting ideas around his camper can.

As you can see, the board has a section "The Van", where I uploaded some pictures of the original van. The pins are not separately organised.

Fly me to the moon


A while ago, I came across a 60s movie. I was in love with the boudoir robe the singer was wearing and wanted to do a photoshoot in this style. I ordered the robe at Ali Express and started collecting ideas.

This board is relatively simple, just a few pins and no briefing. It is meant to collect ideas quickly.

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