Test Shoots

Test shoots largely revolve around showing off the model in a clean and non-distracting manner, with the clothes serving a secondary and more complementary role.

Test shoots are not to be confused with "Polaroids". However, most of the tips below apply for Polaroids, too.

Regardless of the market, agencies need to test looks to build a model's portfolio and give her practice in front of the camera. While there are no standard looks for every market, the focus is often around showing off the posing capabilities of the model as well as their figure.

Items to bring:
  • Nude tone strapless bra
  • High heeled boots, sandals or shoes
  • Bodysuit in white, black or grey
  • Tight jeans
  • Shorter cut dresses or skirts
  • White, black or grey tank tops, crop tops or t shirts (in solid colors)
  • Oversized sweaters or throw ins neutral tone
  • Blazers, leather jacket or other outwear with clean lines
  • On-trend accessories hats or bags
The Look
Test shoots can involve a variety of looks and aren't constrained to just full-length shots. There can be portrait tests, beauty tests, and an entire test shoot would involve a good mix of all three. Given the wide variety of looks that can be shot, be sure to ask for the agency's expectations so that they can be delivered on them.

Typically, an agency wants to see 1-2 full length looks and 1-2 portrait looks to make it worth their while and help build the model’s portfolio.

Ensure that the make-up artist uses good products and keeps the make-up application on the conservative side. Simple foundation, neutral eyeshadow, lip gloss and hair clean-up can suffice. For test looks, the agency wants to show the model as looking as natural as possible.
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A clean look for a test shoot.
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