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Most of the content created today is presented on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Some best practices.

Lets talk about the elephants in the room first

Tag the collaborator!

Especially for TFP work, but also for paid jobs, it's crucial to understand that tagging collaborators is essential. Models and photographers should always tag all participants in a session.

Don't edit the final pictures!

Once the final pictures are delivered, do not edit them. The photographer and retoucher put in effort to express their artistic vision in the pictures. Avoid adding filters or cropping them without discussing it with the photographer first.

The get the most out of a colloboration or TFP session, it's essential to understand and utilize the different tools Instagram and Facebook offer to maximize reach and grow your audience.

While both platforms are a bit different, they offer more or less similar tools: Hashtags, Mentions, Tagging and Collaborations.


Hashtags are widely used to get your posts into the view of people you're not directly connected to. Adding carefully currated hastags to your post will improve the reach of your image and show it to other users who are interested into similar content.

While Twitter and Instagram utilize Hashtags from the early beginnings, Facebook introduced this feature lately and it is still growing.


The first tool for collaboration and networking is the mention. Adding a "@" followed by a usename to the post, e.g. the model mentions the photographer @heikokanzler, links from content directly to his profile.


To get your post in front of more users, you can tag users and brands in the picture. Facebook then adds this post directly into the feed of the tagged user. Instagram adds the image on the tagged user profile under "tagged" tab.

This way, profile visitors can check who has worked with whom and how their works looks like.


Collaborations are a brand new feature of Instagram and works similar to Facebooks "Add Person": if the model invites the photographer (or the other way round) to a collaboration, the post will be shown in both feeds and both user names are shown next to the image.

All view, likes and comments are shared together, a great way to boost your presence! This post has now the combined visibility of all followers of both accounts!


  • A collaborator can be only added while creating a new post. You can't add him/her later.
  • Each collaboration needs to be approved by the invited person to be visible in his/hers feed.

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