The Studio is equipped with various props and furniture to create an exciting and attractive session environment.

Furniture includes different chairs, stools, benches and wooden crates. Fabrics, blankets of different colours, textures, and curtains are available for creative set building or as decoration items.

The Studio offers some great clothing, from Victoria's Secret style angel dresses, different tops to colourful corsages. Basics like overknees, nylons, hold-ups/tights in different colours and styles and plain coloured bandeaus can be provided. Of course brand new and never worn.

To create even more exciting looks, props like old cameras, guitars, historical phones, a choice of fake glasses, removable tattoos, a constantly growing collection of jewellery, gloves, hairpieces and much more are available.


All this images have been set up and shot at The Studio.

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Photography with by Heiko Kanzler