Creative Photo Sessions: Redefining Playdates in Photography

Welcome to my unique take on the photography playdate, a concept we've lovingly dubbed the "Creative Photo Session." At its core, this concept transforms the traditional photography setting into an interactive, fun-filled collaboration. Ditching the rigidity of conventional photo shoots, our Creative Photo Sessions emphasize spontaneity, creativity, and playfulness.

During these sessions, we engage deeply with a variety of themes and concepts—from whimsical and fantastical to the avant-garde. We explore fashion, history, and even abstract ideas, bringing them to life through vibrant storytelling and dynamic posing. Our wardrobe is teeming with eclectic costumes and props, inviting to experiment with different personas and styles.

The set itself is a playground, equipped with modular backdrops and changeable lighting setups, all designed to inspire and adapt to our creative whims. We integrate photography games that spark joy and innovation, such as quick-change poses, mimic challenges, and impromptu storytelling through sequential shots.

But what truly sets our Creative Photo Sessions apart is the collaborative spirit—we encourage models to contribute their own visions, suggest alterations, and even take the lead behind the camera. This reciprocity ensures that every session is not just a photo shoot, but a shared creative journey.


Find below some examples from recent playdates

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