A photo shoot is more than just standing in front of a camera and waiting for the shutter to click.

The Wardrobe Raid

When it comes to test shots, the overall look is predetermined, but for any other creative session, we'll begin by discussing the general concept of the photo shoot.

After we have established the basic idea, we'll conduct a wardrobe check (also known as a "wardrobe raid"). You'll be on the lookout for key pieces that match the general concept and share some photos.

Don't forget to also consider items that you haven't worn much or haven't worn at all! This could be the perfect opportunity to showcase some cool stuff.

Based on the available wardrobe, we'll create a general style, begin planning, and put together a mood board.

Example for a Wardrobe Raid

Left: key pieces from the model
Middle: a basic idea for this set
Right: final picture

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