Scheduling Notice

I photograph out of passion, but with limited time available, it's important to keep appointments.

I offer free slots out of my joy and passion for photography. These sessions usually take place in my free time, mostly on weekends, and my availability is limited. Therefore, good planning and preparation are necessary to ensure everything runs smoothly and to make the most of my limited availability.

Please make sure that the planned time really works for you before scheduling an appointment. Last-minute cancellations are frustrating and result in the reserved slot going unused. Therefore, I appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that we can have successful and productive photo shoots together.


Of course, I fully understand that sometimes unexpected and more important things come up and you might not be able to keep an appointment. In such cases, please inform me as early as possible so we can reschedule and I can allocate the freed-up slot to someone else.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

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